Video Tutorials

This page shows some video-tutorials (on YouTube) which explain how to use the website.
Each clip is about 30 seconds to 2 minutes long and shows one specific function. Look at these clips in full-screen mode if possible.
The layout of the screens has slightly changed meanwhile, but the functionality is still the same.

If you administrate your own group:

Register and create a new group

Register as a new user and create a new group (for which you will the administrator). Afterwards you can create new dates and add new users.
In this video user 'Jimmy' registers himself and creates a new group 'Sunday Poker'. Then he logs in with his just created user account and password.

Create a date

Now create a new date for your new group. A date consists of a calendar date and a time, and optionally a place and minimum/maximum number of participants. Your users can give feedback for this date then.
In this video user 'Jimmy' creates the new date 'September 20th', located on Broadway. There may be between 4 and 10 participants.

Create a user

Now create a new user, who will have access to your just created group. The username and email-address will not be validated and can be anything.
In this video user 'Jimmy' creates the new user 'Billy the Kid'. Then he sends an email to Billy with his new username and password.

If you were invited to join a group:


If you know your username and password already, login. Then you can give feedback for the next upcoming date (yes/no), and also add comments.
In this video the new user 'Jimmy' logs in (with his email address). He gives (positive) feedback for the date 'September 20th', adds a comment on his feedback and a general comment. Then he checks the location of the date and finally opens the screen to edit his own personal data.

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